Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Scruffy - Our Room 17 Mascot

Welcome back to our class blog. What do you think of our newest member of Room 17? This is Scruffy - our Room 17 class mascot. Scruffy visits us most mornings. She gives the room a bit of a sniff over, licks the kids, (especially H.W)but prefers to go home with Emma rather than stay and do maths with us! It's just as well the teacher in Room 17 loves dogs.


  1. Scruffy is so cute! We are really lucky to have scruffy as our class mascot :)

  2. DR thinks Scruffy is scruffily cute!
    TR wants to know if Scruffy chews on shoes.
    We are enjoying all the animals that are coming to visit in Pod 4. Did you know we have been visited by piglets, kittens, rabbits and puppies? Room 18

  3. You have a very cute mascot. I'd never get my work done if he came to our Room! Hope you all enjoy camp next week and Scruffy doesn't get too lonely. I love your blog by the way.

  4. room 17
    you are very lucky to have scruffy as your mascot.He is soo cute!
    Wish we had one!haha
    Im sure he'll wish you luck in everything.
    Good luck with scruff.

    Room 18

  5. Hi Rm 17

    I think Scruffy is so cute aswell.You are so lucky to have her as your MASCOT, she must love having hugs pretty much every morning from you guys. It's a shame she has to go home every morning!

    J.G in Rm 16

  6. I think scruffy is really cool and he's really cute.